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She is a amazing person who is kind and beautiful to those she meets.She speaks her mind and does care if she’s judge. She wants to make people smile and doesn’t care what happens. But her feelings can be hurt easily
Male;“Keleka is a sweet awesome girl
Female;”yeaaah I agree she’s cool”
by Nanachan03 August 12, 2018
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The most awesome person you'll meet, never afraid to speak her mind. Will always be there for You, most are independent and shy; but will warm up to you once you hang out, never wants to hurt You, cute name that is not defined in the urban dictionary so I had to make it; of course people with names aren't all the same so I don't really agree with what this site says but ▪\_●_/▪ what ever.
The person who has the name "keleka" is not the same as everyone else who has it WE ARE ALL UNIQUE
by IamsRightAlways June 02, 2018
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