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Wow, where do i even begin with this, "word?" She is very beautiful and a great friend! She really knows how to make awkward silences go away and be the loudest in the room, but also has a nice soft side. She is an amazing, loyal, outgoing, GORGEOUS, different, and the list goes on and on about how wonderul and great she is. She isn't fake. If she doesn't like you, she doesn't like you and she won't be fake to you or talk about you. But when she likes you, she loves and gives all of the respect you deserve. She is really fun to be with, but never do homework with her! She'll distract you the whole time with the latest gossip. She is sooo funny, aswell! :PP I lovee this girl, Keiosha, and if you don't know a Keiosha, meet one! You are missing out on a great and wonderful and BEAUTIFUL girl :)
by e.x.o.t.i.c_jay April 02, 2017
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