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Keilana is the most important person you’ll ever meet. A person who will surly make you smile and laugh. Someone who is kindhearted and has the curliest hair. Intelligence, Strength and kind are all qualities you’ll find in a Keilana.

A friend you’ll never forget!!
Keilana Hawaiian for adored one.
by Alice Náme May 06, 2018
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Keilana is a very unique name and is a very pretty girl. she is confident and knows exactly what she wants. she is always the life of the party and has a best friends that she always takes care of. keilana is beautiful and amazing and if you know one don’t let her go. any boy would be the luckiest boy alive to have her.
Yo man i’m crushing on that keilana over there
by i like horses May 01, 2018
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