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Goal-oriented. Keidos are secretive and rarely disclose personal information about themselves. They constantly have mood swings and do not liked to be asked many questions. Keidos are uncomfortable in large crowds but get lonely if left alone for too long. Keidos are full-time narcissists; vain ego-maniacs. They like feeling important, relevant and overtly masculine. They enjoy the finer things in life (pedicures, bougie events; anything stereotypical society considers "effeminate"). Keidos believe they can do everything on their own without assistance. To be a Keido, is to be incosiderate of other people's feelings. Keidos ignore people completely and think of themselves as more intelligent than everyone else. Keidos are self-obsessed and expect others to be like them. They blame these traits on introvertness. They put less effort in any type of relationship and do not unless forced. Moreover, talking to a Keido is inevitably a one-sided conversation as they claim to not speak much.Their constant straight face, inability to engage in meaningful dialogue, narcissism, vanity and their internal struggles makes for one huge, hot mess. Keidos struggle with apologizing whenever they are in err and accepting whenever they are wrong. They can be aggressive because of the struggles they face and dislike being told what to do. Keidos are honest but too enclosed with themselves, thus, their cold character causes people to stay clear of them.
Girl: "i love you babe, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me."
Boy: "K...kool"
Girl:"Oh my god, you're such a fucking Keido right now"
by The_Courier June 23, 2017
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