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Person 1: Hey do you know Kehillah Jewish High School? The tuition is $$.
Person 2: I hear they get college-level education there, but all the students do are drugs. What a joke School!
Kehillah student(on every single drug there is): rawr XD gimme an XXXtension I didn't do my homework!
Person 1: What a meme...
by secsyJEW December 17, 2017
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A private school in Palo Alto currently located in what looks like an office building right across the street from the JCC. However expensive, Kehillah provides it's students with a college level education and a community that they can identify with. Some would say it's more of a family than a school. Kehillah has around 150 students so everyone knows everyone and can show their true colors all the time without worrying about being judged harshly.
I'm wearing sweatpants and no makeup to Kehillah Jewish High School today because I can!
by Leppersarepeopletoo October 24, 2009
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A bunch of druggies whose parents pay 30,000 dollars a year for a college level education. To bad all the people are too focused on getting high on drugs and the social ladder. Everyone is fake, nobody likes anybody and yet somehow everyday is filled with smiles and laughter (especially when there are shadows). Oh and all your personal information is known to every student and teacher and is known usually faster than you do yourself.
people get regular extension on homeworks and tests. People talk behind everyones back. At kehillah Jewish High School, everyone appears to love one another but truly they dont. People at kehillah think they are better than any other school. (only because they are sheltered and have never experianced anything else) people at kehillah are dumb.
by Anonymous2168 April 14, 2008
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