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Now synonymous with high-end fashion due to the renown South African fashion designer Michele Keffen. The Keffen brand predominantly features evening wear worn on the world stage by
the rich and famous, but also includes perfume, wedding gowns and jewellery.
Who's she wearing? "It's a KEFFEN!" ; What is that perfume? "It's by KEFFEN".
by Fiona Merchant March 04, 2008
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Dutch origin literally meaning 'bark of a dog'. Dutch slang for lighting up a 'splif' (cigarette filled with marijuana).
His cough sounded like a keffen

He drew on the keffen and passed it to his friend
by hannay February 28, 2007
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uncommon english slang use for someone who has been mentaly aroused by drugs which have, therefore led him to a 'gormful' life in which things appear slower and stranger to the person in question. Furthermore, the person deemed to have done a keffen or branded a Keffen seem to have thrown common scence out of a 9 story window to which it has been demoralised to a common toad. Simple things seem a challenge and more intermidiate actions seem frightful or impossible.
1)"mate thats your Television not the toilet" 2)"Fuck off" 1)"You my friend are a keffen"

1)"im elergic to nuts but i thought that they would tell me" 2)"You have just done a keffen mate."
by kanerockgod February 05, 2007
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