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1. Surname identifying a member of the underground ruling class. The Bilderbergs and Illuminati fear them. A kind of 'Sith lord' of the real world, if you will. They oversee the goings on of the trilateral commision. Keeslings herd the cattle of the human race. Life for a Keesling can sometimes be reminiscent of Grand Theft Auto - Vice City. They often find it tiresome and futile to communicate with average people - especially the ones that are too stupid to realize just how stupid they are.

2. A killing word - similar to Muad'Dib popularized by the books of Frank Herbert. Particularly powerful when combined with other killing words such as Dave.
Conan the Barbarian quoted a Keesling when asked about the three greatest things in life: 'To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.'

Kessling is an invalid, Americanized form of Keesling.
by A subjugated non-Germanic February 04, 2010
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