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Variation of the Indian name Kirit which also can be written Keerath, Keerat amongst other ways. This beautiful name means to sing god's praise or glory as well meaning someone who is honest and hard working
Keerit is a beautiful child full of happiness and joy.
by jassyb July 29, 2011
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Usually an Asian, gorgeous, has black or brown hair, brown eyes & is very pretty. Has an amazing & loving personality. Doesn't need make up to look pretty. She can be very shy at first but when you start to get to know her she won't shut up. Hard to understand but easy to love. Keerit is the most beautiful & kindhearted person you'll ever meet!! Can be quite aggressive though... Loves her family and friends a lot and will always be there for them, always! and can never see them be insulted or hurt. Always has good intentions. Is very funny at times too. Has a good sense of fashion but prefers track suit pants over jeans. Has a good heart. People are usually jealous of her. Is normally good at maths ( since she's Asian) and loves to dance & act or sing. This name can be pronounced & spelt many ways for e.g kirit, kireet, keerath, keeret etc.
1. P- OMG that girls so pretty
2. P- ye, I now ya, her names Keerit
1. P- oh, well, that explains it
by Xxlovejasuxx December 11, 2013
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