Don’t switch up how you’ve been acting because of new developments. Do what you were doing before you found out X, keep that same energy meaning act as you were previously acting, before C came into play.
He suddenly replied to my message after seeing my IG post, I told him KEEP THAT SAME ENERGY
by Luso1 June 28, 2019
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When you tell someone to "keep that same energy" or "KTSE" It means keep that vibe/momentum you coming at someone with. To tell someone to act the way you acting when you see the person again. To tell someone to view you the same way as you did to begin with.
Karen gave me this negative vibe earlier.
I simply told her to "keep that same energy"
by KTSE NJ February 7, 2018
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Keep that same energy or KTSE essentially means that you would like for another individual to continue to act (in terms of attitude, in relation to actions) the way they were acting during a previous encounter.
Jimmy *talking to Steve*: Bro, if I fuckin' see Tommy near my girl again, he's getting his ass beat.
*Steve is a snitch ass bitch and tells Tommy of this encounter he had with Jimmy*
Tommy *talking to Jimmy*: Jimmy, keep that same energy you had when you were talking to Steve. I'll see you when class gets out.
If Jimmy were to engage in a physical altercation with Tommy, he would have kept the same energy. If Jimmy bitched out (the more likely of the two options, his name is Jimmy), he would not have kept the same energy.
by Black Kid,White School April 22, 2019
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