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One of the most versatile words in the english language, seldom used as a derogatory term for women in today’s day and age. Bitch can be used in a number of contexts which determine its true meaning. Bitch can be used towards men or women alike. When people refer to one another as bitches in a calm situation, they’re essentially saying “dude”. Please see examples.
Me: BIIIIIITCH (I’ve got the tea)
Me: Bitch, the fuck? (Yo what the fuck just happened?)
Me: Bitch please (Girl (unixsex, can be spoken to a boy), come on)
Me: she’s such a bitch (she’s being a cunthole, used in the traditional mannerism)
Me: I’m a bad bitch (I’ve got my shit together, I’m lookin fly, about to acquire some genetalia)
Me: that’s my bitch (that’s my significant other, unisex)
by Black Kid,White School April 22, 2019
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Keep that same energy or KTSE essentially means that you would like for another individual to continue to act (in terms of attitude, in relation to actions) the way they were acting during a previous encounter.
Jimmy *talking to Steve*: Bro, if I fuckin' see Tommy near my girl again, he's getting his ass beat.
*Steve is a snitch ass bitch and tells Tommy of this encounter he had with Jimmy*
Tommy *talking to Jimmy*: Jimmy, keep that same energy you had when you were talking to Steve. I'll see you when class gets out.
If Jimmy were to engage in a physical altercation with Tommy, he would have kept the same energy. If Jimmy bitched out (the more likely of the two options, his name is Jimmy), he would not have kept the same energy.
by Black Kid,White School April 22, 2019
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