This is the phrase that a crackhead with screech at you after almost being ran over by "some lip" in a blue Ford. This may take place outside of a newly built care home or a nursery that kind of rhymes with 'Tittle Nippley'. After the crackbum has destroyed her lungs with fifty cigarettes and a bottle of K-aid that she dyes her hair with, the crackhole takes pleasure in terrorising poor unsuspecting children. She can usually be found outside phone booths with her legs open, chatting up little kids. She will cackle loudly whenever children are near. This cackle is her mating call. Dating back to the ancient Incans, whenever faced with this cracknose, it has become common knowledge among fisherman to run into the nearest off license. If the crackface follows you, she will be so mesmorised by all the booze, she wont follow you anymore. Instead, she will drink away all those months spent in rehab.
Charlie: What is that? Looks like a walking pack of ciggies! White on the top and brown on the bottom!

Kaid: Walk past quickly and don't make eye contact! I've dealt with these crackelbows back in Vietam!

(They walk past her very quickly when they hear a strange noise).

Cathy: keEP oN sCrEwIng! (x2)

Kaid: Christ, she's different to any I know! I hooked up with one and she was nowhere as bad as this crackmunch! This is an evolved Crokémon!

Charlie She looks like my mummy.
by WonkyMirandaLikesTheBingo January 29, 2020
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Something an old crackhead called Cathy will say to you after almost being ran over by some lip in a car near to a care home in central Birmingham (may also happen outside a nursery with a name that kind of rhymes with tittle nipple, but this is rare). The phrase will be spoken when the crackface opens their legs outside an old dirty phone box, and tries to smooth talk you. Usually followed by a loud cackle. This strange sound is the crackholes mating call. If the crackbum says this phrase to you, run away to the nearest off license and buy some fruit gums.
Charlie Help! There is a crackhead walking towards me!

Kaid Hopefully some lip will run her over and save us!

Cathy Keep on screwing!

Both Aaahhh! Kill her!

Cathy You lips! KEEP ON SCREWING!

Both Disembowl her dead corpse!
by WonkyMirandaLikesTheBingo January 29, 2020
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