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An individual who expresses an unusual eagerness or enthusiasm to perform an action or task, usually considered undesirable.

The opposite of an ambivalent person.
Yeah man, what a keeno!

You're being such a keeno today!
by Chris_Mac November 29, 2010
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Keenos are men who will try to impress girls by showing extreme interest and not backing down no matter what.
Boy: Oh you like dogs, I LOVE dogs!
Girl: Uhhh yeah, I'm kinda busy... doing.. stuff.
Boy: Yeah I am always so busy too, with work and all. Where do you work?
Girl: Oh my god, go away you massive keeno.
by Trinaface November 12, 2010
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Originates from the word 'keen' and means someone who is keen to impress their teacher in class.
Somebody who loves to get to lessons exactly on time, or in some extreme cases, a little early. Also does all homework that's been set, and more that they've requested from the teacher. Is quite frequently bullied by other students, especially townies, but is too busy trying to please the teacher to notice.
It helps if a keeno is intelligent, but it doesn't matter if they're not.
Townie: omg bruv look at dat keno ova dere
Bruv: what a fucking keeno
by dont-forget-the-two-tone-bands November 14, 2004
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A keeno is someone who is always keen to do things at school. Not just in school work but in the basic things of life such as where to sit in the circle. Whos going to reach the door first. Whos going to have sex first, you know them keens, they even have their own windows and corners called the keeno corners. A basic keeno is someone who is always in front and always enthusiastic to do normal day to day activities
Jess even your last name is keen Dawe ? i know doors are pretty awesome but you dont have to be so keeno about them
by B.Kekas September 16, 2010
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Someone who wants to get stuck in to something new, but often goes wrong due to a lack of experience. Alternatively, those already involved may fear the enthusiasm and nerve of the 'Keeno' and try to curb this quality.
Essentially someone who is noticeably enthusiastic, sometimes erroneously, sometimes excessively.
That guy is such a Keeno.
Yeah, totally - he just won't stop trying.
He should just chill out and relax, go with the flow.
Yeah, too right. Though sometimes, I wish I'd done more when I had the chance.
by Redoubt January 09, 2008
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1. Aussie bogan slang for I really want to do that

2. Also in Australia: A really shit gambling game at the pubs
person 1: lets get krunk tonight

person 2: Keeno!
by kevin300000000000 August 15, 2009
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