Keefe Sencen is the most amazing, popular, hot, charming elf of The Lost Cities. Keefe Sencen is a fantastic character in the book, Keeper of the lost Cities by: Shannon Messenger. One of his nicknames is: Lord Hunkyhair and he has a MASSIVE crush on his friend Sophie Foster. Keefe’s ability is an empath.
Teacher: the sun is the hottest thing in the galaxy.

Student: umm, sorry to interrupt but have you heard of Keefe Sencen?
by Kotlc buddy :) January 17, 2021
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an elf dude from a book series called “keeper of the lost cities.” he is the best character ever and the love of my life
that’s keefe sencen the loml
by keefesencensimp May 23, 2021
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