The most beatiful girl ever. She is amazing in every way. She's cute, adorable, and funny. Every guy wants to date her
Guy 1: wow, she's really beautiful. She must be a kearstin
Guy 2: I know right, she's gonna be mine one day.
by Pizza cheese August 12, 2016
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A really amazing person who is great in every way and is by no means a slut.
1. She is not a Kearstin.
2. She is so cool, completely opposite of a Kearstin.
by fedovfnrviguthutifp January 6, 2010
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A pure soul. One who is accepting of another especially for ones mistakes. A true ride or die. If he loves you he will always. Noone will ever compare to his mother. He is his mothers heart as she will always be his. If a girl cant be as an accepting as he it'll never work. Kearstin has an attitude and will use it in defense. Hes a lover not a fighter but will fight for his belief and his love mother and family. Kearstin is beautiful with long hair a pure heart and wise. Males will bully and dislike Kearstin for his beauty. Not many will know his heart. He doesnt trust easily so if he trusts you with his heart cherish it. Kearstin is a giver not reciever. He lives for his mother as his mother does him! If you ever bond with a Kearstin it'll be forever and will be unbreakable bc hes intelligent smart loving caring and very protective. One with a beautiful smile. Arrogant but morally worthy. He is a believer that proof is in the pudding. Family is first. His mother and her feelings are very important to him. Protection of her is his mentality no matter who tries to differ other than. Kearstin is strong. Physically mentally and emotionally. Hes just like his mother! Kearstin is very important and doesnt realize how important! He is the apple of your eye, especially his mothers. Kearstin demands respect, it is important to a Kearstin. If you have the chance to get to meet a Kearstin don't mess that up or youll lose a lifetime friend love and king. Admire a Kearstin!
Look at Kearstin, his beautiful brown eyes are dreamy.

Kearstin is strong, smart and beautiful.

Kearstin meaning is Child of God, Christian, pure hearted.
by Lynn5 October 9, 2018
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