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The product of a California Golden Bear and a Cocker Spaniel. These tremendous creatures are renown for their beauty as well as their abilities to outrun cheetahs and down triceratops on the African Savanna. Legends tell that these animals can communicate with almost any lifeform using the ubiquitous 'kayla-speak', a basic language composed of gesticulations, sneezing, and woo-woo barking. The animals also have a penchant for world exploration and sea-faring, although require Kayla-bear-sized life vests to do both at once.
Person 1: That is the cutest dog I have ever seen!
Person 2: I know what you mean, but that is not a dog, its a Kayla Bear.
Person 1: Oh! They were responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs, right?
Person 2 (knowingly): All archaeological evidence seems to indicate as much.
by Gingeahballs June 25, 2008
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A cute present that lesbians give to their girlfriends for either their birthdays or to try and get laid. The name is coined from a teddy bear dressed up like a girlfriend of a lesbian who hadn't been laid in months.
My girlfriend is the best! She gave me a Kayla Bear for my birthday, so I think I'll give her my virginity.
by CheesyMasterDebater July 27, 2010
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