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Kawehi is the hottest Hawaiian alive. He's so understanding, soft-spoken, and kind. He's got the bod of a god which is crazy considering how much of a sweet tooth he has. He's such a great communicator and loves to give kisses to his girlfriend. He loves anime and hates fake people. He's smart as all hell and doesn't waste time on shit he doesn't want to deal with. He doesn't pursue casual sex but when he's with someone that he loves, he fucks A LOT. He loves hard and dates to marry. He's a sweetie and easy to talk to, but everyone knows not to fuck with him. He lifts more weight then anyone you know and the most loyal person you can have in your life. Hold on to Kawehi because you won't ever get someone better than him. He's affectionate and interesting and anyone could talk to him for hours on end. Everyone hits on him, and he just laughs it off. His smile could bring tears to your eyes. His eyes are brown and gorgeous and he's never had acne in his life which you sort of hate him for. He's a fucken bro and can kick your ass in any video game and can hold his alcohol like no other. I fucken love Kawehi.
Anna: "Bro are you going to the party?"
Jon: "Only if my bro, Kawehi is going"
Anna: "Kawehi will be there, the party is gonna be lit"
by korindian April 07, 2019
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a girl that is in love with portugese boys, claps loudly, and doesnt know how to talk softly.
LOL! such a kawehi move!
by youmakemewannalala February 16, 2008
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