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A really dumb fat piece of crap that has no life nor will ever amount to anything. he lives off his parents, he smells, hes retarded. has sex with men that are only fatter then himself. can not get any poon tang.
by Adrustinner February 15, 2005
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Kind, beautiful girl who is usually blonde but has straight A's. She may be clumsy and be the type to trip on her front porch but she will always laugh everything off. She has few friends but they are the true ones. She is always up for an adventure as long as its safe. A Kavay is the type of person that you will be friends with forever. She has much self criticism even thought she is very pretty. A Kavay has a butt like no other. Find yourself a Kavay today!
Oh look at that butt, that's definitely a Kavay!
by pretyy January 01, 2018
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