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Russian for 'pure'.

Beautiful, hilarious to be around, slightly insecure without needing to be (for the aforementioned reason). She not only makes friends easily but she keeps them too. Once she is your best friend she will stay that way forever.

Overall a great person.
Introduce me to your friend Katria, she's hot!
by words1words2words3 February 13, 2010
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She's hilarious, and fun to be around. She always puts her friends needs before her own. She sends mixed emotions and your not sure weather you hate her or loe her. she can always make you smile, and has a very... unique personality, she beautiful and has the body of a godess, once you date a katria theres no better girl you'll find.
Introduce me to katria, she's hot.
by Joshau 5592 September 26, 2017
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Katria, is an amazing person. She is beautiful, and gorgeous. She has a habit of making most of her male friends fall head over heels for her, the problem is... she doesn't even relize it. She is often quite quirky, and as some could put it she is a 'tough' girl. She is insecure and sensative. But would die before she let people see her cry. She's more loyal than anyone you may ever meet, and if you take the time to know her she will be quite open with you. She is always trying to help others. She may have a somewhat split personality. around some she may act rude and selfish. Around others though, perhaps her friends, She'll act goofy and kind. She's more understanding than anyone and has the tendency to hold grudges. She can sometimes be very naive. She has her selfish moments and can seem like a real bitch sometimes. She has the worst flaw in the world that will eventually bring her down-fall though. She feels the strongest empathy you could possibly feel for people. While you may think of someone as a jerk for calling you a slut or hoe and want to spread all the rumors you could. She will instead try to think and ponders why it is they did what they may have done. Then she will act okay with it. Because it wasn't their fault she may say. She's an insanely collected person, or may appear that way, but don't let that facade fool you. Because, sometimes she is truly falling apart. She is over all the best person you will ever have the gift of knowing.
Classmate 1: OMG Katria is drop dead gorgeous. Have you seen her.
Best friend: Ha Katria's my best friend who's amazingly quirky and loyal. She's so tough.
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