Is to a younger generation of Women Loving Women what Gillian Anderson was to an older generation of WLW. She has the power to make gay/bi/queer women even gayer with a simple dimpled smile, a funny dance, a wink, or her impressions of Kellyanne Conway and Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Known for SNL and the 2016 Ghostbusters.
Guy: I like this Kate McKinnon, she's hot! I would do her!
Girl/Leslie: She gay dude. Stop it. Lol.
by Holtzm-anne November 4, 2016
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Literally my gay awakening when I saw her in Ghostbusters at age 11.

(Holtzman was the background of my tablet when I was like 12 so...)
Me: please, I would let kate mckinnon step on my neck.
Friend: that's a choice.
Me: shut up and die.
by Cute_toes666 January 23, 2021
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2 emmy award winner and the most amazing and beautifull woman ever. A star in SNL (she honestly keeps the show up on herself) Has lots of little roles all over the place. She really needs a show of her sellf . sadly doesnt have any social media so al kate fans follow her friends or make fanpages. (also people write some great fanfiction About her) she is great at impersonating people (hillary clinton, justin bieber, kellyane conway, ellen etc) She doesnt know she has thousands of fans who are crushing on her, she also thinks less of herself then she really is.

also she is very very gay and that makes her only more loveable to all her fans.
1: hey that jillian holtzman character in ghostbusters is great who is she?
2: Oh you mean Queen of every lesbians heart kate mckinnon?
1: yes her, does she have any social media?

2: no sadly she doesnt
1: oh well are there any fanpages? and what do you call her fans?
2: yes there are great fanpages and uhmmm , lesbians.
by kate-fan December 27, 2017
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