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The cybernetic perfection created in cyberspace and uploaded into a geneticly enhanced body.
The fall of human-kind will be created from the hands of one creature, Katastrophyk.
by Katastrophyk October 11, 2006
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Real name Christopher Hancock, he is a self-proclaimed "God", though in reality, he is nothing short of a sociopath with mild schizophrenic traits and a misguided superiority complex. Currently engaged to a transgender with a complexion just as horrid as his own, he has cheated on her numerous times only to lash out and blame others when his infidelity is brought to light. He is a known pansexual, though this is likely just an excuse for his complete lack of standards. Katastrophyk likes to think of himself as "sexy', or "hot", but this is far from the truth as he is a more than worthy candidate for Robert Englund's role in Nightmare on Elm Street. His face is riddled with acne scars and blackheads, and his teeth are literally rotting out of his skull after neglecting to properly care for them. He likes to pretend that his nationality is the source for such horrendous luck, but this is really the result of piss poor hygiene. He is a pedophile; once having all of his computers confiscated under the suspicions of having child pornography after flirting with/fucking a 13 year old when he was 20. Gross, right? Raped in the Chuck E. Cheese's bathroom by his bestfriend-at-the-time's father, he has never fully recovered emotionally and will RAGE if the incident is brought up. He is a cat killer, and a sadist, and also lives under the delusion that he is a "fallen angel" and "immortal".
Katastrophyk likes to talk a lot of shit, but gets pretty quiet when the situation turns tangible.
by HarbingerOfYourDestruction April 08, 2012
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