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A term for someone who does one or all of the following:
1. Plays characters in video games that are overpowered
2. Thinks that everyone else should be telepathic and magically thinking the exact same thing that he/she is thinking
3. When he/she is killed by a certain character in game, they began to spout that that character is overpowered/needs a nerf, when in all actually, they just suck and shouldn't be playing this game.
4. As well when he/she is killed, they will start to blame teammates, and will eventually nerd rage and quit the game thinking the reason that they were being killed so much was because of their teammates, when it was actually himself/herself just being terrible.
Dude, me and Bill were playing League of Legends, and Bill would always engage the enemy team by himself and die. He started to blame me and the team for his own deaths even though it was his own fault...what a Kassafag.
by LoLRage420 December 07, 2010
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