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At first Kasaundra's just the short blonde girl you meet in college who everybody thinks is hot. She's quiet at first, but once you open her up you realize that she's pretty crazy and incredibly fun. She's a genius who'll most likely be famous in the future. She's one of those rare people you'll probably never meet again. When you see her smile you realize that what ever you're going through, life isn't all that bad. She's an amazing person that you will quickly become best friends with. The memories you'll share will last forever. Kasaundra is the goat.
Never let go of a Kasaundra, because she's one in a million.
by LegacyRen September 21, 2016
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A sexy blonde girl who has lots of friends and makes other people laugh when they are said.
Kasaundra is a sexy beast!
by KKDIAZ September 26, 2011
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