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Noun, 1. An atheist who takes lip off of nobody, will tell you exactly what she thinks, and has no problem hurting your feelings. Though she seems to be a hardass, she's really not that mean, and if you are her friend, you are lucky, because she'll be there for you through thick and thin. Be warned, if you start something, she'll bitchslap the drama right out of you. Once you lose her trust, you will never totally regain it, and she does believe in second chances, but only on extremely special occasions. If you screw her over, she will rock your entire world, and shake the foundations of your life, because she is just that awesome. She is faithful to any man she may be with, and would never do something so low as to cheat. She is generally quiet, but will fight for herself and others if need be.
Is that God!?

No, that's just Karli Smith. She bears a very strong resemblance.
by MoHamstaz August 03, 2011
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