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Kariss is a beautiful girl. She always there for you when you need her. Everyone needs them a Kariss in their life. She one of a kind. She's a hard persom to love, but once you fall in love with her there is no turning back. You'll never find another. EVERYONE loves Kariss and if they don't,then they've never met this amazing girl.

Her nicknames might include: Kari,Care~bear,Carriepop
Have you talked to Kariss today? She made me laugh so hard I cried.
I love Kariss;She's the best.
by Karii_Baybee_Bear January 31, 2015
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Kariss means the biggest forehead in the world, they love to get in peoples way and never shut up. They love to be the center of attention and can’t fight for shit. They also look like dogs and have the biggest belly
Hey did you see that big foreheaded kariss over there?

Yeah she sure has a fat ass.... HEAD
by Badassbihhh April 26, 2019
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n. 1. A person who's forehead rudely interrupts the day-to-day lives of others. This includes crushing small babies and tipping over old folks as they attempt to walk in to their local MCL for a sedated meal. A Kariss usually has to buy two separate hats. One for the top of the head, and one for the forehead. Acne on a Kariss is scary.

2. To obstruct people's view with the insanely vast canyon that rests right above your eyes and below your hairline. People can't see when you're a Kariss. You typically get banned from movie theaters and similar venues. You struggle to make it through standard doorways. It typically takes a Kariss 30 to 105 minutes to wash the entire canyon.
The Kariss took up both seats on the bus.

Rihanna ain't got NOTHING on THAT Kariss!!!

Mother: How is she doctor?!?!?

Doctor: Well your daughter suffered a concussion when she was swiped by the Kariss. You would THINK a Kariss of that nature would know NOT to turn her head so quickly in a public place. We expect your daughter to make a full recovery however. Truly a miracle though... she could've died...
by Afraidofyourcranium October 20, 2010
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