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Karianna's the hot chick, but she is NOT a hoe. She knows that she is pretty but she doesn't overly flaunt it. Even though she may be spoiled, she isn't a bitch about it. She has many friends and is very social, popular if you may. Very good at every and any sport she plays. HUGE flirt! that's okay though, because she's super cute.
Karianna will always be there for you and is good at listening to and helping with any issues someone has. she has it hard, but she's a trooper and hardly ever talks about herself.
One of the greatest people you will ever meet, people will either love her or hate her for all of her qualities.
Scummy guy: i'd tap that Awesome guy: hey, man. Karianna is not like that.
by Mrs.Kite July 10, 2010
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Karianna is typically a Hispanic person.She is often confused to be many other races but don't get it confused that she is indeed mixed.She known to be shy at first when you meet her but as she gets to know you she opens up more.Other then at the beginning she is a social butterfly.Teacher believe because she talks so much that she will get worst on her grades but she wont let that stop her. Karianna is a honor role student.She is a very beautiful and unique person even though she doesn't brag about she knows that's the truth.This social butterfly loves her family in fact her dad is her favorite person.She is a huge flirt its okay because she so pretty.She will stick through thick or thin.Just dont get on her bad side because you will lose a life time friend.
Amya: Wsp Karianna. Karianna: Wsp Amya
by Mr.Sam December 22, 2017
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