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Her name is godly, she is a bright girl, and the most beautiful girl. She can be a great friend or best friend. She's smart, outgoing, creative, loving, and caring. Words can't describe her love for others, nor her beauty. She has an open-heart, she's great to conversate with. And has an open mind. She isn't quick to judge, shes easily put down, but has the greatest smile, better than fresh pancakes, that she can make you melt right were you stand. She good with listening and always trys to help out. She's there for you at your worst and at your best. She's someone worth keeping.
Guy 1 Aye heard you were kicking it with Karia yesterday?

Guy 2 Yeah she's a really amazing girl!

Guy 1 That's Karia, for you.
by Sparky Wolf Dream March 09, 2014
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