The act of parenting by a Karen. Almost always results in an Entitled Child.
"Wow, that kid is taking everyone's toys and his mom isn't doing a thing about it!"
"That's some karenting for you."
by NehNehNeh-NehNehNeh September 24, 2020
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Like a Karen, but in parental form

-Karen is derived from the Dane Cook sketch 'The Friend Nobody Likes'. A Karen is a douchebag, a person you only keep around to hate.
-God, Natalie's mom is such a Karent. She's such a bag of douche all the time.

-I hope that I don't grow up to be a Karent one day.

-No wonder that girl is such a Karen, I mean, her mom is a Karent herself.
by fish314 November 05, 2009
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