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Kappa Tau Mu (KTM) is one of the seven secret societies established at Boston College. The society was founded in the fall of 1908, the founders were never revealed. It was formally established to enhance the promotion of spirit throughout the campus. The underground society flourished in the early 1980’s, but slowly died out due to their harsh hazing methods. Gradually Kappa Tau Mu began to reappear in the campuses of Virginia Tech, The University of South Carolina, Penn State University, and The University of California at Santa Barbara. Increasingly, the society is emerging at other campuses, all over the United States. Their colors, purple, black, and orange officially represented the revolution of the university. They leave their droppings throughout campuses and are said to be very lucky. Although not much is known, Kappa Tau Mu is continuing to prosper throughout the college grounds, keeping the pride and tradition alive.

Orange- Providence

Founded: 1908
Yo, I just found a Kappa Tau Mu dropping! It's totally good luck.
by JeffJeff89 August 25, 2008
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