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One of the largest college fraternities with about 300,000 initiates since 1869.
Know for

1.) Having chapters at almost every school.
2.) Being douchebags.
3.) Throwing the best and wildest parties on campus
4.) Getting girls on one night stands.(Though unlike Pike they don't roofie girls)
5.) Feeling better than everyone else simply because of who they are.
6.) Getting girls drunk.
7.) Supporting good cause like Military heroes.
8.) Having sex on rooftops at USC.
9.) Throwing racially themed parties at Duke and getting kicked out.
10.) Sending email were they refer to women as targets.
douche frat wildparty tappa kappa Kappa Sigma
by anonymoussecret September 22, 2014
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the only group of guys that can get pussy on college campuses around the United States. if you are not one then you envy all that wear anything Kappa Sigma related and if you are a girl, pants drop quicker than the wink of a cold miner's eye. dont hate us, just hate the fact that we are better than you...
any kappa sigma will show you how its done
by lifetime April 10, 2005
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One of the most dominant fraternities in today's college campuses. Leads all American fraternities in terms of service hours, and new pledges and initiates. Founded in 1400 at the University of Bologna. Probably has one of the richest histories out of any fraternity. Kappa Sigma's are gentlemen, girls love them and they know how to have a really good time.
Girl #1 : That hot guy looks familiar.
Girl #2 : Yeah, hes a Kappa Sigma. They are the ones that have all the awesome parties.
by GDIjeff October 04, 2007
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Stereotypical douchebag fraternity found on many campuses around the country. They have great parties, but also they are arrogant SOB's and think they are better than everyone else because they can get girls for one night stands. Long story short, they are the typical assholes that get girls but don't deserve any of them and they should be disbanded for being the douchebags they are.
Guy 1: Oh are those Kappa Sigs?
Guy 2: Yeah, but avoid them, they are douchebags. Every Kappa Sigma I have met have been guido type douchebags.
by WiseRambo January 13, 2012
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