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Modern Science and the enlightening and healing powers of the Sacred Cannabis plant and other Sacred Entheogens.

Kantheistic Shamanism, known also as The Path of Ecstasy, is the world’s oldest religion. It is a religion, not of dogma, but of experience. It could no more be explained adequately with words than could love-making be explained to the inexperienced virgin. You have to “go there” to understand it in fullness.

"Shamanic ecstasy is the real "Old Time Religion," of which modern churches are but pallid evocations,” Jonathan Ott reminds us. “Shamanic, visionary ecstasy, the mysterium tremendum, the unio mystica, the eternally delightful experience of the universe as energy, is a sine qua non of religion, it is what religion is for! There is no need for faith, it is the ecstatic experience itself that gives one faith in the intrinsic unity and integrity of the universe, in ourselves as integral parts of the whole; that reveals to us the sublime majesty of our universe, and the fluctuant, scintillant, alchemical miracle that is quotidian consciousness. Any religion that requires faith and gives none, that defends against religious experiences, that promulgates the bizarre superstition that humankind is in some way separate, divorced from the rest of creation, that heals not the gaping wound between
Body and Soul, but would tear them asunder... is no religion at all!"
<Person1>: Are you religious?
<Person2>: Yeah my religion is Kantheism
<Person1>: Isn't that some stoner relgion in Amsterdam?
<Person2>: Basically, yeah.
by Puritana September 24, 2009
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