A freestlye skiing manuver that is essentially a double flatspin 900 or in other words (flatpin 360 to flatspin 540 all in one trick). The trick was invented by Jon Olsson and is the most popularized "doulbe flip" in the world of freeskiing along with the double frontflip and double backflip.
jon olsson pulled the kangaroo flip in Xgames 12 big air and won it.
by freeskier2009 December 4, 2008
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a double flip and slow rotation, some what of a double side flip, Jon Ollson invented the trick last ski season.
DID U SEE THAT?!?!, that was the biggest kangaroo flip jon's ever thrown!
by la freeskier September 27, 2006
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A double sideflip 540. Invented by the one and only Jon Olson
Jon invented the massive kangaroo flip, and swept all of the competitions.
by freeskier December 19, 2007
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