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A kandee kid is a raver with such positive vibe that they feel they need to turn themselves inside out and wear thier vibe, being a candy kid has to do with the way you veiw life and you live it thru PLUR..peace, love unity, and respect. Someone is not a kandee kid because of what they WEAR its whats INSIDE them and how they use it. *sum kandees dont rave*
Laura and Shelly are kandee kids but Laura doesn't rave
by KandeePoet May 30, 2003
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a kandee kid is a person who chooses to show their emotions on the outside, with bright colors and smiles to hand out, someone who can talk to people like they have known them for years. someone who hands out stickers, toys, candy. Peace Love Unity Respect -plur- "RaveR children unite"
by Kelly July 07, 2003
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happieness is like a jam! you cant spread it without gettin some on yurself and thats kandee to me! they spread all these awsome vibes and they create such a happy atmosphere that not only do they feel happy but they dress happy and they act happy and promote happieness and peace and love, respect, unity! kandee kids are totaly JAMMED in PLUR!! :D
an example would be me and my best friend! PLUR c ya at hulla!!:D
by siouxsie! December 23, 2003
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The first raver-stage. Usually Those kids with the big pants (self-made or modified) and bright "fun" colorful clothing. Also wearing self-made pony-bead bracelets (a.k.a. kandee) that they wear as a badge symbolizing how many other ravers or party-kids they've met. Or it symbolizes how amazingly "old skool" they are, having been a raver for, like, 3 months now! Like wow!

If they're online they can be identified by their use of the word PLUR and their typing style.
"Wow, there were a lot of e-tards at that party. Did you see how many of them were Kandee Kids?"

online: "wOw, LiKe OmG! dId YoU sEe ThAt RaD hApPyHaRdCoRe Dj LaSt NiGhT aT tHaT dOpE-aSs RaVe?! *RoFl* *rOfL* *LmAo*"
by Jo January 05, 2004
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Kandee kids like to take precious time and look to se what is around them. They show good actions to other ppls in order to get good energy back. they allways will live for the moment until the death. then will live the next life to the moment again. or in other words a intense journy on the way
by KINDER November 26, 2003
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