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A Kamaron is a man that is smart, silly, sweet, OCD, and all around amazing. He is a goober, but in the best way with his dad jokes, and terrible puns that can bring joy to my day and a smile to anybody's face. He is really organized, and has a great sense of the importance of being prepared. He really is just something special, even if he doesn't see it. He is the kind of person you are proud to show off, because they are so far out of your league(much further then he sees). Somebody that in every sense of the word is perfect just the way he is. He is a great support(when he is not stealing kills) and always has my back when I don't want to jungle. His Pikachu game is on point though, same with his Frost bird game. There is nobody else I would rather support me in lane then him, and nobody I would rather have in my life.
"Do you see that guy over there?"

"Yeah, the one with the white girl looking hair?"
"Yeah, he is such a Kamaron! I need to go get me some of that!"
by Heroman23434 July 12, 2017
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