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The best math teacher in the world. Usually likes lobsters. Has a squat-bean-filled-body. In a good way. The BEST way possible. Oblivious to jerking boys throwing pens. Although a pretty good jerker himslef. Also pretty good at the electric slide and the best Yoda impression on the PLANET of PLUTO. A part-time Volleyball coach with some juuuunk in da trruuuuhhhhnk!!
Kensi: Wow. That is one beastin' man!!!!!!!!!
Colin: Oh. You mean that Kalustian?!

Kensi: Omg, THAT'S a TOTAL Kalustian right there!
Colin: Daaayyyyuuuummmm. He is fiiiiiiine!!!!!!!!
by SaraBellaPonyz February 06, 2010
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