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A MMORPG that is free. Graphics are better than Dungeon Siege, environments are lush, and most of the players are friendly. Bills itself as the "First Oriental MMORPG". Made by Koreans. Only drawback is that it is not yet finished, and there are only three jobs currently available.
Wow, its 3 o'clock already? Man, Kalonline just sucked away more of my life.
by culpepperreeks December 27, 2004
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Kal Online is a free MMORPG developed by Inixsoft, a Korean based game company. It runs on the same game engine as Lineage 2, and is very similar. It was released to international gamers around October of 2004.

Inixsoft used their own home-made translator, and as a result, most of their English is horrid. However, the game was enjoyable without it.

Around March of 2005, Kal Shop was released. It allowed people to buy special in-game items with real money. This sparked a massive amount of credit card fraud, and the game went downhill. People without lives turned Kal into their life, quitting their jobs just to play it. Memory string modifications and credit card fraud caused the economic system to deteroriate, and gameplay value went down as a result. To keep from being banned, people like a player named codon had family members do CCF for them.

Kal Online is now a game full of assholes and credit card frauders. Cookies to those who did their best to keep it good: Tsubasa, Synn, Aimen.
codon: dood, chek owt my +15 Legendary 15!
Synn: You're a disgrace to Kal Online.

Kal GM: The Kal Online server is for maintaining down.
by zSilverFox December 31, 2005
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1. home of the haxxor.
1. let's play kalonline - btw don't forget to run the speedhack or we won't be able to level what with all the assassin speedhacker one-hit-killers running round pking us.
by angela February 14, 2005
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kal online is an mmorpg (massivly multiplayer online roleplaying game - phew) set in korea which is odd since most other mmorpg's are either old england or filled with guns. When you begin you can choose to make as many characters as you like on one free account. the choices are archer: focuses on the agility skill, mage: focuses on the wisdom/intelligence skills, warrioir: which focuses on strength. the 3 different classes all have a totally different set of armour and weapons and are rewarded with being able to wear new better armour each time they level. They are also allowed to spend "points" on whatever stats they want (strength intelligence wisdon agility health) which they also gain as they level up. there are a wide variety of monsters to battle with on the game ranging from level 1 to level 100 and something (?). there are also quiet a few quests to do. the graphics are also pretty good. this said, its no were near as good as runescape ( i quit runescape a looooong time ago) cos runescape is a helluvah lot more addictive. admitting runescape is good is rare from someone who has quit it.
yo bluds like lets play kal online like yeah shizzlenit.
by Childofbodom January 06, 2007
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