1. The last name of the gods. Possibly the greatest way to describe a human. It is a name of such great honor and nobility that the sound of the noise touching your ear turns your mind to a gaseous diamond. The name is only bestowed upon the purest, most amazing souls of the world.

2. A Persian tobacco smoking pipe in which smoke is passed through water.
"That man, Terrin, he is so great he might be immortal. his last name must be Kalian"

"Yo dude, give me another hit of that kalian"
by TheAwesome June 12, 2008
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When you look at someone who isn't looking at you, and you look away right as they look at you, and you have to do an awkward looking back to make eye contact so you don't look like a stalker.
Athaniel: Looking at AJ's body whilst he is not looking.
AJ turns to make eye contact while Athaniel is looking away, then turns again to look into the eyes of AJ.
AJ: You just did the Kalian Effect, but it's still creepy.
by UncleBenDiesLOL November 18, 2019
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