A person who's sense of humor is dank memes, bad puns, and takes a liking to gay couples and thinks they're adorable. Usually a chatterbox but can be really quiet and shy. Person's silliness is tremendous and makes everyone laugh. Is amazingly pretty and thinks no one likes her. Has friends that no one likes but she thinks are amazing, and help her through everything. Is depressed, mild-severe general anxiety. Wants to be emo when in reality everyone thinks she already is. Real name is usually Kaylee, Kayleigh, Kale, Kaeli, etc.
"Hey, Kale Chips! Do you want to sit with us at lunch today?"
by EmoKaleChips March 14, 2017
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(Adj.) One of the most unattainable classifications of booty to achieve; the classification of asses that vegetarians and vegans possess. A beautiful booty does not simply originate from leaves, for a beautiful booty must come from within; a force of nature acted upon that being; procuring an ass above possible omnivorous standards
Damn she thicc, she got a kale chip ass.
by Sagel October 18, 2017
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