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1. (Noun) Losers who eat shower curtains.
2. (Verb) An action involving losers running in circles.
3. (Noun) A game involving 6 losers, an angry girl, a tennis racket, and a sock.
4. (Noun) Random anything
5. (Noun) A piece of candy only found on Mars, Pluto, or Neptune.
6. (Noun) A loser who plays a guitar, eats a corndog, eats only lemon salt water taffy, and sits on a trombone all at the same time.
1. Why is that Kalabazoo eating our curtains?
2. Look at us Kalabazooing!
3. Uh-Oh, I didn't know we were playing Kalabazoo!
4. Wat a Kalabazoo!
5. Look, fellow Martians, a Kalabazoo!
6. What is that Kalabazoo doing?
by Flapdoodle1112 June 30, 2009
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