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Beautiful kind hearted girl, who cares for others as well as herself. Has tons of friends and stands up for what she believes what is right. And she always has a fun time.and is always the life of a party
Kaitlain was at the party that means it was amazing(:
by Kkmorgan July 29, 2011
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A girl who truly loves other people and gives her heart away hoping that one day she'll find love . She hides her sadness behind a laugh thats so loud its convicing she never gives up . She dosent enjoy having people frown or cry it tears her apart. People misunderstand her tone while she talks and think shes mad or angry so people tend to think shes the bad guy . She has the perfect body n she dosent believe me shes perfect but when she gives her heart away the only ask 4 her body instead even though her smile lights up the room her goofyness cheers people up n her heart always has room for more
Kaitlain dosen't know how much she is loved she dosent know that someday someone will just love her for who she is 😍😍😍
by Kai.mj June 11, 2018
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