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KAITA (Kai-ta)
v. Kai*ta, Kai*tas, kai*ta'ed, kai*ta'ing

1. To single-handedly dash the hopes of one's nation
2. To karate your way out of the greatest stage/spotlight known to man
3. To destroy/zap/siphon the energies of teammates plus 140 million people through unexplainable stupidity
4. To act foolishly, unintelligently or irrationally and IMMEDIATELY regret the action by falling on your knees

(Etymology: Derived from the dreadful match between Nigeria and lowly Greece at the 2010 Soccer World Cup)


1. Sabotage
2. Incapacitate
3. Destroy/Demobilize
4. Jeopardize
5. Impair
6. Implode
7. Shege Banza!
I was KAITAing until I met Jesus!
by 9ja4live June 17, 2010
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Kaita is so fun to be around! She is definitely not a Negative Nancy, she is more like a: Positive Priscilla, Positive Patricia, Positive Pinky, or a Positive Penelope.

PS - Did you see her in the KY Jelly competition? What a fun and spontaneous thing to do!
by Maximus1109 July 09, 2009
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