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Kaioshin (or supreme Kai, in the english dub of DBZ, of the dragonball series), is the supreme overseer of the entire universe, his vision allows him to see any event taking place anywhere in the universe. His "kai kai" technique allows him to teleport to anywhere in the universe regardless of whether or not a ki signature is there.

He can also summon any material in the universe in any shape at will into thin air, he can also read the mind of anyone in the universe. He uses the name "Shen" to enter in the world material arts tournament.

The name 'Kai', refers to an overseer, or ruler, the grand kai, oversees the 4 universal quadrant Kais (north, east, south, and west) and those Kai's watch over their region of the universe.
Kaioshin is not as strong as the saiyans, but he has vast knowledge and unique abilities.
by kyle.biddle December 29, 2010
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