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And amazing outgoing girl that I would go crazy with out here she makes school funner for me .she is one of this people that u love to be around :)
That girl is outgoing yeah her name is kaiminani
by Ib909 October 24, 2013
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defintion for shayla kaiminani A. and only her!
1L) pretty, outgoing and sometimes unrealistic but always has a heart out for her best friends. She may look and seem like a unfriendly person but is the greatest friend and girlfriend to have. But she is overly dramatic and daydreams too much when in serious situations.
2S) crazy, outgoing, ADHD, boy crazy, weird, hard to get mad kind of person. shes someone that crazy and is up for stupid stuff. shes outgoing and cant stay in one place(her house). ADHD because she cant stop talk and wont stay still in one place. Boy crazy because she cant keep her eyes on only one guy. Weird because she says the stupidest stuff just to make people laugh. &&nd hard to get mad because she doesnt care about anything. Thats a kaiminani.
1L)1- "hey you know Kaiminani?"
"hell yeah! She is soo funny!"
" yeah the only person to bust a joke when some one is getting arrested!"
"she is still hot though"
" hell yeah!"
"she can't hear you she is finishing her make up test."
"what she is doing a make up test for her make up test?!"
" yeah on her last make up test she drew rainbows and unicorns for answers!"
"lol. Of course!"
2S) Thats a kaiminani because shes so damn weird!
by sakiona August 26, 2012
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