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A very beautiful woman, she believes in her man and will always be true. She also has a very strong nose and can resist many smells and is absolutely beautiful. She's that of a perfect queen and, as stylish as a goddess. She's one who's send down from heaven just to be with you. She's your other half.

"Man, she's my Kaimai!"
"She looks like a Kaimai, almost"
"She's not as beautiful as Kaimai"
"She must be related to Kaimai"
by Hibari Kyoya November 11, 2013
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Someone who is a lying hoe and fucks older dudes that has mini dicks and sucks fat titties. You are Kai Mai. Bitch you Kai Mai
My ex boyfriend is a Kai Mai
by drinkitupdadi June 10, 2018
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