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–noun a village in NE Missouri. 2,224.
named for a tribe of Illinois Indians (Cahokia, meaning "Ah shit we should have left this place buried")

A town where the chief of police rapes dogs, the sheriff rapes his inmates, and the local judge gets picked up for prostitution. Also known as the asshole end of the universe.

Deliverance has nothing on Kahoka
Jake: Dude, now that college is over for the semester lets go back home to Kahoka.
Jason: Are you fucking nuts, Steve Edlen is loose again, and I have a dog with me. I refuse to let my dog get raped.
Jake: Wow, they released "Chief Animal Fucker" this soon. You're right man, lets go to Iraq, its safer there.
by KahokaisEVIL September 09, 2009
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Small town in Missouri. There is nothing at all to do, the cops like to pick on kids and the nearest Wal-Mart is 30 minutes away.
Jessica- I'm bored. There's nothing to do in Kahoka
Amber- I know.
Jessica- Lets go to Keokuk and walk around Wal-Mart!!
Amber- Awesome!
by betchacanteatjustone May 13, 2009
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