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... the beautiful town past Kaneohe on the Windward side of Oahu, in the Hawaiian Islands. You know you've left Kaneohe and reached Kahalu'u when the ocean water turns a different color, when you notice more cracked out people walking around, lots of roosters running all over the place, couple of wild pigs, and some of the nicest-looking pitbulls riding in the back of the hunting trucks. Home to some of the most potent homegrown strains, Kahalu'u is very pretty, it rains a lot and is very green and is considered "country", but this is not the place for tourists to get lost!
It was one of the nicest, most chill places to be, until meth started taking over the community.
Lock your doors tight when you drive thru at night!!!
Wow, she look all nuts, ah?? Wea she stay from? Hau'ula Homestead? Waimanalo?

Nah, she stay from da kine, Kahalu'u.

Oh nah! Mean, da dope!!
by WhoDEM January 30, 2009
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