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1) An individual who is secretive and constantly a mystery to understand.

2) Someone who is marked by a certain duality; on one side he is endowed with a certain wisdom, a certain understanding of the world. On the other side he/she can be unpredictable and highly reactive. Not easily influenced, they are well balanced despite his/her characteristic duality.

3) An individual who can be extraverted when he/she opens up to the outside world and has a real desire to do good and be communicative, however he/she can also be introverted and retreat within his/her well ordered inner world. Manages a whole system of values, he/she acts as the moraliser for those around him/her.

4) An individual who reacts with precision and efficiency as he/she has a strong intuition.

5) A quiet individual who prefers to observe than act, but very vengeful.
"Sooo.... Don't trust Kaeo?"
"Nah, just don't piss 'em off"
by Fallen Frontier May 29, 2018
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1) a homosexual

2) a emo faggot that has failed in making meaningful relationships and has resorted to making rude, disrespectful comments in hope that someone will find him/her funney

3) some one who is addicted to tentical hentai
“Hay faggot dick

“Oh fuck ist a kaeo
by Edge master November 12, 2017
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A name that describes a great friend that shows a strong image. Has a great Influence and great personality. Makes anybody smile. Doesn't need to try to even make you smile. Great sense of humor.
by Boi Jn June 17, 2018
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An amazing, sweet, kind, and considerate person. Very sweet to everyone old and new as he's a people person and just makes friends in an instant with his radiant personality. His sensitivity is a 50/50, some take his generosity and kindness for granted (such as a girlfriend). He allows people to step on him but always comes back from it; not completely but still maintaining his humor and sweet personality. He not only is a fun and amazing friend to all but a perfect boyfriend as he is everything you could want in one. If you find a Ka'eo, never take him for granted because there will never be another like him, so perfect and pristine. You'll know once you've owned a Kaeo's trust when he gets extremely comfortable with you and will always be by your side. You'll never feel lonely with Ka'eo around, he's literally the life of the party. He always has a smile and such an amazing attitude. he's never a poor sport as everyone wins in his eyes, even if he's competitive. He's also a smart and loyal companion, who will never let you down because that'll be the last thing he wants to do; disappoint you. He can always make you feel better by just being him. Sometimes he doesn't know when he makes you laugh or smile because it's an instinct of his to do so. So overall, if you find yourself with a Ka'eo-never let him go and always make sure you are nice to him because you'll realize a lot more once you get to know such a perfect, handsome, amazing individual. -your gf j.a
Jordyn: Wow (my) ka'eo is perfect !!
Girl 1: Very true.
by Jordyn Ann August 03, 2018
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1)Sarcastic asshole

2)an edgy emo fagget who has failed in creating meaningful relationships and makes rude disrespectful comments in hopes someone will find them funny

3)addicted to tentical I hentai
Kaeo is a pussy cunt!!!
by Edge master November 12, 2017
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athletic cool tall always playing around with girls and never finding love but elizas always love him! Make sure you are willing to try new things with him
kaeo- i want to be like him
via giphy
by king00007 December 15, 2017
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