A very good friend who loves to be around only real friends, not back stabbers
by ThotZter February 25, 2015
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Means a very beautiful, smart, funny, amazing in everyway. She makes you laugh a lot. She is just great in everyway. Also has the single most best personality ever to walk this Earth This what makes me love her.
Damn I wish my girl was a kaeley!
by mattyboy69 August 15, 2008
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My bestfriend, a perosn I can rely on. She's always been there for me, and I'll always be here for her. No matter how much drama there is. I'll always be here for her(: ilyKaeley
My bestfriend is Kaeley(;
by your bestfran(; August 16, 2008
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Kaeley- is usually pretty wack. Everybody thinks that Kaeleys are gay- and most of the time that’s false. hopefully people are usually nice to Kaeleys out of pitty. Kaeleys are usually pretty ugly- BUT people say other wise. Kaeleys are neat but most of the time end up annoying you. Meet a Kaeley- and your gonna regret it
Kaeley is pretty wack
by Navypancake March 18, 2019
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