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Sweet, short, and amazing girl in the world. The best girlfriend in the world. She will always be there for you, no matter what. Spoils you with all the gifts in the world and buys you everything you ask for. Will never leave your side. Always want you with her. Takes you out anywhere you want to go. Likes tall, sweet, adorable guys that wear glasses and beanies. Always finds a way to cheer you up in the worst situations. Treats you like a baby and always wants you near her. Always wants you to cuddle with her. Loves to listen to music all the time. Isn't a slut like other girls. Will stick to one man and one man only. Loves playing with her boyfriends hair. Likes guy who do coloring books. Loves big trucks especially if they're pink and lifted. Loves boys that BMX and do crazy stuff but only with her permission. Kae-lee is truly the best friend for anyone and is the perfect girlfriend for any guy.

If you have a Kae-lee in your life like I do, consider yourself lucky. She is the perfect one for you. This is only the microscopic definition. There is infinite amount of wonderful things you can say about her
Boyfriend:"I wish I could buy that."
Kae-lee: "Hold on, I'll be right back."
Few Minutes later.....
Kae-lee: "Here."
Boyfriend: "Awwww thank you so much!"
by CJR March 25, 2013
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A selfconcious but beautiful girl. She loves her friends and family to death and will do anything for them. She's sweet and caring, and loves to smile. Her smile is contagious and will light up a room. She's always laughing and always happy. If you happen to catch her on a bad day, (which is rare) she'll be smiling and laughing by the end of it. She's successful and always will be. A Kaelee works hard for everything she gets, and makes sure nothing gets handed to her. She knows what she wants in life, and goes out to get it. Raising a family won't be hard for Kaelee's because it comes natural. Kaelee's love to sing and dance, and play all different sports, doing it with ease also. Although things come easy to Kaelee's, they don't like to believe it. They never accept the credit they deserve, because they think they don't deserve it. They are intelligent and extremely funny. Kaelee's are honest and compassionate lovers. They will always be by your side when you need a hand and are the best girlfriends. They truely do care and show it. They know every single little detail about you because they listen closely. Kaelee's are a blessing and it would be a shame if you didn't have one in your life.
Chris: Man, I really like that Kaelee.

Dan: Yeah she's a catch. She's the complete package!
by Laughingboxofhatred January 05, 2014
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BEAutiful little girl, with DAZZLING eyes and amazing hair.
and her parents wil someday be cool as morgan and megan
OMG! She looks like a TOTAL Kaelee!!
by Megan and Morgan May 30, 2008
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