Kaar is extremely funny and kind. He has a priceless personality. He is athletic, smart and has baller roasting skills.

If you have a crunch on a Kaar, it will never leave. Kaar is uncommonly kind and is usually there for you when you feel like no one else is. Kaar is loyal and strong and sweet. If you are in a relationship with Kaar, you miss him like crazy whenever you are away( like on say summer vaca.) you have a connection between you. So strong, so powerful. Next to him you often feel invincible.

He is stong and has looks that rival all others. Anyone who says otherwise, hangs around their mommy to much. If you know Kaar, you already knew what I just told you. If you don’t know Kaar, your really missing out on something incredible. I am definitely glad I know my Kaar.

Signed, bS
Hey, see that boy over there?

Yeah. Why?

I’ve never met anyone like him.

Kaar: you’ve never met anyone like him.
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This is the English derivative of a Scandinavian name Kåre (pronounced like the word "Core") that traces roots to the Old Norse name Kári meaning "curly, curved".

It is generally a masculine name, but is not always limited to the male gender. The name is also used by women these days outside of Scandinavia.
The "Kaare" variation is pronounced the following way:


***Hint - think of a Canadian saying the word Car and adding the stereotypical "eh" to every sentence and you have this pronunciation down.
by Archaeology_Student February 8, 2010
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Kaare Alexander Christensen, is so cute, that even a puppy is envious
Hey Kaare Alexander Christensen
by hapsi April 18, 2018
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