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Kaager (Pronounced: Kay-gir):
Kaager is a quickly growing insult transliterated from some Russian or Hungarian insult. A Kaager is someone who is addicted to instant gratification, is impatient and very ignorant.

In Politics: It is often used to describe someone who defends their views regardless of what the facts and even common sense says.

On the Street: It is often used to describe someone in business (Legal or not) that doesn't look to the future and only cares about the money they get in the very short-term.
Most CEO's of large corporations are considered kaagers.

A lot of restrictive social organizations (Youth groups, churches E.G) consider Kaager a profane word.

The French: While the term seems to have originated in Hungarian or Russian, it actually started getting popular in Canada among the French. French spell and pronounce Kaager the same way we do. A French man once defined kaager to me as "An ignorant instant gratification whore.".
Person 1 flipping through the channels on the TV: Gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay. Where's Family Guy?
Person 2: You're being a Kaager. Just pick something.

Person 1: We can increase our profits by 10% by next year if we simply rebrand the product as food coloring.
Person 2: That would be poisonous and a disaster for the company in a few years time.
Person 1: We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
Person 2: I refuse to sign off on this you damn kaager.
by Leopardson July 18, 2010
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